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Announce: Star Rollover LED boards

This custom LED light board replaces the horizontal lamp and socket present in most games with Star Rollovers. Provides 4 LEDs to iluminate the Star rollover Insert with directed LED light. Continue reading

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M.2 60mm to 80mm bracket for Udoo X86 maker board

3D printing a M.2 60mm to 80mm mounting bracket to allow the Udoo x86 board which support M.2 60mm SSDs to support the longer 80mm SSD drives. Continue reading

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Announce: Stern Star Trek Nebula Mod

This Stern Star Trek Nebula Mod is a Do-it-Yourself and save kit which illuminates the Nebula plastics with extra lighting on all of Stern’s Star Trek Pinball machines (Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition). This kit contains three custom shaped boards which fit behind the nebula plastics and enhance the art present on the backboard. Bring your backboard to life with this mod using our Step-By-Step instructions. This DIY kit make take you several hours to install properly in your machine. Continue reading

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Announce: USS Kelvin StadiumLEDs for Stern Star Trek Pinball

Stern Star Trek USS Kelvin: Do-it-yourself and save Retrofit Kit for a Hallmark USS Kelvin which provides extra lighting for better visibility in your game. This Modification kit contains a 3D Printed bracket along with a set of boards which illuminates the Kelvin with natural white light and allows the 2013 Hallmark Ornament ship lights to operate without pressing the switch. This is a DIY kit; so expect the process to take few hours using the provided instructions. Continue reading

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Announce: Stern Star Trek Laser Upgrade Kit

Our stunning upgrade to the stock Stern Star Trek laser that comes with the Premium and LE Pinball machines. Laser color choices: Blue, Red, and Green. Our lasers offer much higher power than the stock laser so Klingon multiball laser light show be that much better. Continue reading

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Announce: Translucent Early Solid State Pinball Buttons/Housings

Early #Pinball buttons and Housings used in early Solidstate and EM titles are now available 10 different colors. Used on Stern, Bally, and Gottlieb Pins of the era. Was used as Flipper and Start Buttons. This new product offering is available in PMMA (Acrylic) so they can be laser etched with your custom design. The buttons were common under part numbers: #C-905, B-16680, 4B-200. The housings under part numbers: #C-904, C-13900, 4B-199 and #B-21018.
Also announcing the immediate availably of the Bally Flipper Button mod. This PCB set goes behind these Translucent buttons to offer the Pinball Fanatic a unique look on their Pinball Machine. Continue reading

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Intel Edison: USB Storage Sled

Prototype design of a USB Storage Sled for use with the Intel Edison IoT module. This 4.5×2.1inch PCB features a 4port usb hub, a SATA , and a PATA bridge to provide storage to the Intel Edison compute module. This is a Work-in-Progress so watch this blog for updates to the Maker project. Should allow for mSATA SSDs and microdrive rotational media to be attached to the Edison. Continue reading

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Rest In Piece, Mr Nimoy!

Fellow Pinheads donate $88.44 in memory of Mr Leonard Nimoy to the COPD Foundation. Continue reading

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Stern Star Trek: Warp Ramp LED Mod

Stern Star Trek Pinball: Modding the Warp Ramp LED. Details how the Author laser cut some red and black acrylic to create a better Warp Ramp assembly on this Pinball Machine. For the Stern Star Trek Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition (LE). Continue reading

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Stern Star Trek: Comprehensive Mod List

A Comprehensive List of all Modifications available for the Stern Star Trek Pinball Machines. Featuring any vendors mods for Stern Star Trek machines including the Star Trek Pro, Star Trek Premium, and Star Trek Limited Editions. Continue reading

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