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Xorg server on video-less NAS

Random notes while trying to compile Xorg (X-Windows) on a ARM NAS. Following recipe at: Beyond Linux From Scratch (Version 2014-11-19) The NAS box has no video harware; so I want a software rasterizer (swrast). Step MesaLib-10.3.3 : No video hardware … Continue reading

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iPhone conversion script for IPCam security videos

Bash shell conversion script intending to automate conversion of IP camera security videos for viewing on the iPhone. While designed for my LG NAS; the script should be straightforward enough to modify for any Linux system. Uses ffmpeg to convert videos. Sends notification emails using sSMTP and uuencode for MIME attachment on the iPhone/email. Continue reading

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Compiling x264 for arm926ej-s in the LG NAS

Enabling x264 and ffmpeg compiles from source on the LG NAS N2B1. Existing x264 will not compile on the LGNAS.
END GOAL: Enable video conversion of security camera motion detection. Convert from cam’s AVI to iPhone4 supported format (x264). Continue reading

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Notes: Enabling NTFS on LG NAS ( N2B1 )

Notes for enabling the LG N2B1 BluRay NAS to read/write NTFS partitioned USB drives. Continue reading

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