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Color Vector Pattern Generator

Have a Vector Monitor that needs convergence? Need some test patterns to debug that XY Monitor? If so; you’ve come to the right place! Contained within are OpenSource schematics, bom files, and board files to build your own Vector Pattern Generator. Choose from Box, Cross, Box&Cross, Horizontal, Vertical, or crosshatched vectors. Also included is a PCB source for ordering your own bare PCB for assembly. Continue reading

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Paint matching powdercoat to other colors

Using Methyl Ethyl Ketone, One can paint match nearly any powdercoat to an existing color sample. Powdercoat using this method appears to be every bit as robust and scratch resistant as normal powdercoat. Check out this guide to see how its done. Continue reading

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Open Source Sega / Gremlin G80 PSU boardset

A replacement G80 PSU for the Sega/Gremlin G80 Vector machines as a replacment for my Star Trek Captain’s Chair.
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