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Foscam IP Camera using POE

Author uses two WT-GPOE-1-AB passive Gigablit PoE injectors to remotely power an Foscam IP Camera over 20feet from the Power outlet using a single CAT5e cable for less than 20USD.
Two makes for POE connection for Security Camera Continue reading

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Air Compressor: Automatic Drain Valve

Documenting the Auto Drain Valve installation for a Air compressor, specifically a CAT 10010DC. Contains detailed shopping list, directions, and tips on connecting the auto drain valve to your air compressor. Should be useful for anyone needing to plumb an auto drain valve into their air compressor – regardless of brand. Continue reading

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Agilent Infiniium 54832D: Upgrading

Blogger upgrades Agilent Infiniium 54832D to WinXP SP3 and a Samsung EVO 860 mSATA drive. Also plans to rackmount scope and install a USB3 PCI card. Continue reading

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Intel Edison: USB Storage Sled

Prototype design of a USB Storage Sled for use with the Intel Edison IoT module. This 4.5×2.1inch PCB features a 4port usb hub, a SATA , and a PATA bridge to provide storage to the Intel Edison compute module. This is a Work-in-Progress so watch this blog for updates to the Maker project. Should allow for mSATA SSDs and microdrive rotational media to be attached to the Edison. Continue reading

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Xorg server on video-less NAS

Random notes while trying to compile Xorg (X-Windows) on a ARM NAS. Following recipe at: Beyond Linux From Scratch (Version 2014-11-19) The NAS box has no video harware; so I want a software rasterizer (swrast). Step MesaLib-10.3.3 : No video hardware … Continue reading

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