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Chicago Dynamic Industries Sound Card (EM Gun Games)

A redesign of the Chicago Dynamic Industries “Rifle Ricochet” sound board using modern two layer PCBs, a silkscreen, and modernized components. Uses readily available 2N3904 transistors instead of the EOLed 2N3643 and 2N3644 transistors. The #444-310 board is reproduced with better noise immunity and some extra troubleshooting features. Licensed to fellow Arcade collectors under the TAPR/Non Commercial License. BOM costs are less than $20 with PCBs being ~$23. Continue reading

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Stern Star Trek: Vengeance Nacelle Mod

Simple Laser Cut Plastic to defuse the LED on a Stern Star Trek Pinball Machine and make it more accurate to the film’s render. Donated to the Public under the TAPR / NCL license – meaning you can create these for personal use up to 5 pairs in a calendar year. Commercial Use is prohibited without written permission. Continue reading

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Star Trek: The Next Generation Klingon Bird of Prey Mod

This MOD is of a 1994 Hallmark Klingon Bird of Prey. These Ornament are typically used to replace the smaller less detailed counterpart on the Star Trek: The Next Generation Pinball machine. The Author details his modification of this ornament and provides the PCBs and schematics to fellow Pinheads under the TAPR/NCL license. Continue reading

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EagleCAD Tutorial: Custom shaped PCBs

Learn how to take a DXF (CAD) file and convert it to a custom shaped PCB in EagleCad. The author used this technique to generate custom LED board for use on his Star Trek: The Mirror Universe Pinball project. In 10minutes; you should be able to utilize this technique in your own designs. Continue reading

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Stern ColorDMD adapter plate

ColorDMD Adapter plans for the Stern Star Trek pinball machine. Allows for installation of a ColorDMD into the Premium/LE backbox of the pinball machine. Requires no modification of the machine and is completely reversible. Continue reading

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