Notes: Enabling NTFS on LG NAS ( N2B1 )

Jotting down some Notes for enabling the LG N2B1 BluRay NAS to read/write NTFS partitioned USB drives using new firmware and the NTFS-3G package.

  1. Flash new N2B1 firmware to enable SSH server so one can get access to the command prompt on the device:
    Tantalus’ N2B1 Firmware
    Author used N2R1 2569t
  2. Enable SSH in the web console and login into the NAS device using a SSH Client.
  3. login as root . See FAQ
  4. if virgin use of apt-get; initialize the repositories using:
    apt-get update
  5. use apt-get to install gcc compiler.
    apt-get install build-essential
  6. apt-get will fail to install libc6 library; use workaround here:

    mv /sbin/init /sbin/
    touch /sbin/init
    chmod 755 /sbin/init
    dpkg –configure libc6
    apt-get update
    mv /sbin/ /sbin/init

    WARNING: If you execute the first command, you have to execute the last command, before you reboot your NAS-Box

  7. repeat apt-get install build-essential
  8. gcc -v to verify gcc compiler has been installed and is working.
  9. download NTFS-3G from Tuxera.  Author used: ntfs-3g-2010.10.2
  10. untar: tar xvf ntfs-3g-2010.10.2.gz
  11. cd ntfs-3g-2010.10.2
  12. ./configure –prefix=/usr/lib to install to the correct directory. on Author’s system; the system autoconfigured to /usr/local which caused problems during make install.
  13. make
  14. make install as root. or sudo make install
  15. you should then be able to to mount NTFS partitions using:

    mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /mnt/ntfs

Many Thanks to for hosting the information necessary to piece this together.

2 Replies to “Notes: Enabling NTFS on LG NAS ( N2B1 )”

  1. La méthode pour libc6 ne fonctionne pas sur le NAS. Si on suit la procédure, busybox plante et si on reboot le NAS, la séquence de boot gèle sur busybox et le contenu est est perdu puisque inaccessible. La seule solution, un formatage complet d’usine. Évitez de conseiller de telles choses.

    1. Your opinion is certainly appreciated.
      I just want you to know that I’ve done the libc6 method on my NAS and it works fine.
      Clearly; you need to match the LibC to the version used in your base firmware to be successful.
      As always YMMV.

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