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Pin2k CPU Fan Replacement

Author creates a 50mm to 60mm Fan Adapter for his Pinball 2000 machine. DFX files made available or you can print the adapter at Shapeways. Continue reading

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Stern Star Trek: Custom Shooter Knob & Housing

3D Printed custom shooter rod with embedded 50th Anniversary Pin for the Stern Star Trek Limited Edition Pinball Machine. Continue reading

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M.2 60mm to 80mm bracket for Udoo X86 maker board

3D printing a M.2 60mm to 80mm mounting bracket to allow the Udoo x86 board which support M.2 60mm SSDs to support the longer 80mm SSD drives. Continue reading

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Custom Buttons & Housings (Early Bally, Gottlieb, Stern, Chicago Coin)

Early #Pinball buttons and Housings used in early Solidstate and EM titles. Used on Stern, Bally, and Gottlieb Pins of the era. Was used as Flipper and Start Buttons. This shapeway store comes equipped with buttons and housings in single and paired units. The buttons were common under part numbers: #C-905, B-16680, 4B-200. The housings under part numbers: #C-904, C-13900, 4B-199 and #B-21018. Continue reading

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