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Announce: Data East DMD and Sound Cables

Data East Sound and DMD ribbon cables. The Sound Cable is #5795-10703 @ 39 inches. The DMD Cable is #5795-10938 @ 49inches. Each Cable includes Strain Relief, a pull tab, and 100% electrical test. Continue reading

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Chicago Dynamic Industries Sound Card (EM Gun Games)

A redesign of the Chicago Dynamic Industries “Rifle Ricochet” sound board using modern two layer PCBs, a silkscreen, and modernized components. Uses readily available 2N3904 transistors instead of the EOLed 2N3643 and 2N3644 transistors. The #444-310 board is reproduced with better noise immunity and some extra troubleshooting features. Licensed to fellow Arcade collectors under the TAPR/Non Commercial License. BOM costs are less than $20 with PCBs being ~$23. Continue reading

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Bally (AS-2518) Audio Card tester

Arduino Nano based Pinball Audio Tester w/ opensource code provided. This Audio tester sequences thru the 32 tones in the soundcard PROM at 1.5second intervals allowing debug and adjustments. This Tester should work with any AS-2518 Bally sound card including the -31 and -50 designs. Pinball machines such as the Bally Star Trek and the Paragon. Continue reading

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Star Trek Red Alert Audio Trigger

Opamp circuit and PCB licensed under TAPR/NCL Open Hardware License for use on a Sega Star Trek Captain’s Chair Arcade Machine. Simple thruHole componets should allow most people to solder this project over a evening. Circuit used to Simulate the “Red Alert” Lighting during gameplay. Continue reading

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