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Announce: Translucent Early Solid State Pinball Buttons/Housings

Early #Pinball buttons and Housings used in early Solidstate and EM titles are now available 10 different colors. Used on Stern, Bally, and Gottlieb Pins of the era. Was used as Flipper and Start Buttons. This new product offering is available in PMMA (Acrylic) so they can be laser etched with your custom design. The buttons were common under part numbers: #C-905, B-16680, 4B-200. The housings under part numbers: #C-904, C-13900, 4B-199 and #B-21018.
Also announcing the immediate availably of the Bally Flipper Button mod. This PCB set goes behind these Translucent buttons to offer the Pinball Fanatic a unique look on their Pinball Machine. Continue reading

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