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Grade 5 Titanium Extended-length Leg Bolts with colored Captive Nylon Washers to protect the powder coat on your Pinball Legs. The Captive Nylon washers is included in this price and cannot be easily removed. Additional Nylon washers are optional for PinGulp installation. These Leg bolts are available in 6 colors to approximately match the powdercoat on your machine while resisting chipping typically seen on powdercoated leg bolts. The colors available are:
  • Yellow,
  • Green,
  • Light Blue,
  • Blue,
  • Purple, and
  • Natural Titanium.
Fits any modern pinball machine from Williams, Bally, Data East, Sega, Stern, Jersey Jack, American Pinball, Haggis, Pinball Brothers, Spooky, or Multimorphic.

These leg bolts are lighter than most grade 5 alternatives because Titanium has a very high strength to weight ratio and will not corrode or tarnish over time.

Our leg bolts are custom manufactured exclusively for Pinball-mods.com to our exacting standards. These bolts will resist thread stripping because titanium is stronger than most steel alloys used in pinball machines.

Anodizing titanium is a process where the oxide layer is grown using an electrical current (electroplating) and is free of dyes typically used to anodize Aluminum. When Titanium Oxide (TiO2) is created on the surface of Ti; it is mostly transparent. The thickness of the TiO2 is usually less than 600nm thick and the thickness determines the appearance of color thru reflected light. This interference pattern limits the colors available with the most obvious missing primary color being Red. Currently, mankind has not figured out how to get the oxide layer to absorb a specific wavelength of light. To get primary red; the oxide layer would need to absorb the blue wavelengths while passing red.

Example installation on a Stern Star Trek Limited Edition (using Light Blue Leg Bolts):
Before/After PinGulp

Actual Customer Photos:

Precautions for using these leg bolts:

  • The TiO2 "color layer" is very thin. These bolt heads will stand up to wrenches; but you should exercise care when installing them. Scratching off the very thin layer is easy if you get into a rush. We recommend using a latex glove or some other material to protect the nut's thin oxide layer from installation tooling. Pinball-Life sells a soft-socket we have had success using to install. We do not recommend using these bolts in applications when you are frequently breaking down your machines for travel as you risk damaging the oxide layer on the head.
  • Monkey-tight; not gorilla tight. While the threads are stronger than the steel threads you're likely mounting to; excessive force runs the risk of actually damaging the oxide color layer on the head rather than stripping the threads on your new bolts.
  • Do not attempt to polish these colored bolts; this will reduce the TiO2 thickness and alter the color/appearance.

Crosses and usable as a replacement for nearly all pinball machines:

  • Williams/Bally reference #4322-01125-40
  • Data East/Sega/Stern reference #231-5001-01
  • Jersey Jack Pinball reference #90-008038-40

Critical Specs:

  • 3/8inch - 16 thread (UNC), 2-1/4inch thread.
    These longer (extended) threads are ideal for attaching pingulps and in applications using leg protectors.
  • color dyed Captive Nylon Washer - 1/8inch thick
  • 5/8 inch (.625) head
  • Titanium is light weight; expensive to machine.

No refunds on used hardware. Will accept returns with restocking fee only if these have not been installed.

Optional Dyed Pingulp washers for use between the pingulp and your leg. (remember the captive washer already exists for between the head of bolt and the pin gulp)

Available Options:


Extra Washer:

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