DataEast Sound Cable

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Brand New CPU to Sound Card 20pin, 39inch Data East Ribbon cable. Known to work with Star Trek: The 25th Anniversary and other 128x16 DMDs. Possible OEM part numbers include:
  • 5795-10703-40
  • 036-5000-40

This Cable is custom assembled in the USA for Pinball-Mods.com and is superior to the original OEM part. It is assembled with GOLD connectors with Strain Relief and pull-tabs. Please Note: The original OEM cable does not come with Strain Relief or a pull-tab. Additionally, each cable receives 100% electrical test (etest).
Pinball Sound Cable (Ribbon)

Replace those 30year old fragile ribbon cables with a brand-new cable. Note: On the Author's Machine; this resolved an issue where the wrong sound effects were played during game play because of intermittent contact. Definitely works with all 520-5050-? sound cards contained in the following games:

  • Checkpoint (2/91),
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (6/91),
  • Batman (8/91),
  • Star Trek 25th Anniversary (9/91),
  • Hook (5/92),
  • Lethal Weapon 3 (8/92),
  • Star Wars (12/92),
  • and Rocky & Bullwinkle (2/93)
  • Hook (5/92)
  • Guns N' Roses (7/94) confirmed working / lengths correct
  • Last Action Hero (10/93) confirmed working / lengths correct

Like the stock ribbon cables; these have a red pin one marking on the grey cable itself. The Red side should always face Pin 1. If in doubt; Check this web site for general ribbon cable orientation.

Suspected to work in All Data East games after Laser War(3/87) based upon Schematic examination. Cable length may be the only issue. This includes:

  • Secret Service (2/88)
  • Torpedo Alley (8/88)
  • Time Machine (11/88)
  • Playboy 35th Anniversary (5/89)
  • ABC Monday Night Football (9/89)
  • Robocop (01/90)
  • Phantom of the Opera (4/90)
  • Back to the Future (6/90)
  • The Simpsons (10/90)
  • Jurassic Park (6/93)
  • Tales from the Crypt (12/93)
  • The Who's Tommy (1/94)
  • WWF Royal Rumble (5/94)
  • Maverick (10/94)
  • Mary Shelly's Frankenstein (1/95)
  • Baywatch (2/95)
  • Batman Forever (7/95)
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