Klingon Bird Of Prey for your Pinball Machine

Have a Star Trek Pinball Machine like a Stern Star Trek or a Williams Star Trek: The Next Generation? Make your pinball machine more complete with one of our Built To Order "bolt-on" ready Klingon birds of prey or Do-it-Yourself with one of our kits.

The STNG Klingon Bird of Prey design as we know it first made it's appearance in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock movie but according to Star Trek lore; the BOP was revamped over the next two centuries before it made it's debut in the new TV series "Rascals". To keep this look; our pre-built models are built upon the Hallmark Klingon Bird of Prey released for the Christmas season in 1994 because it more accurately depicts the ship used in the Next Generation series. It also happens to be scaled fairly close to the original inferior ship which came stock on the STNG pinball machine. For more information on our kits; please checkout of pages below.

JJAbram's "alternate timeline" (AKA the 2009 reboot) played homage to the original KBOP by keeping the folding wing capability; but completely redesigned the whole ship. As a result; a new ship is needed. The Hot Wheel's Klingon Bird of Prey is used as a base to enable a realistic addition to your Stern Star Trek Pinball Machine which includes the Pro, Premium, or Limited Edition models. Our built to order kits are hand assembled and comes complete with flickering engine, cockpit, and under-wing lights. Additionally; we light the engine manifold and the cockpit body with a more screen accurate representation as seen in "Into the Darkness".

The bolt on ready ships are built to order; you must add yourself to the list so we can begin building the ship custom to your specifications. Please click the product links below to add yourself to the list.

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: Stern KBOP

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: STNG: Klingon Bird of Prey

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STNG: Klingon Bird of Prey  $129.00 

: Stern KBOP WingLEDs Stern KBOP WingLEDs  $49.24 

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: KBOP WingLEDs KBOP WingLEDs  $44.98 

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