Star Trek GI Dimmer

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This modification piggy-backs onto the General Illumination circuits of your Premium or Limited Edition (LE) Stern Star Trek Pinball Machine allowing you to control the brightness of the GI with the following features:
  • Programmable via a USB [wired], Bluetooth LE [BLE](Bluetooth 4.0) wireless connection, or two onboard variable resistors.
  • Pulse-Width-Modulate (PWM) the 4 main GI channels GI0-GI3 independently from each other with both "normal" and Klingon MultiBall set points. These are P/CN15. Any value can be selected from 0-100% in both modes.
  • Additionally 9 aux (expansion) ports (GI4-12) are provide for additional mods to be controlled via the Dimmer. J5 & J8
    • 2 of these channels can be PWMed like the 4 main channels (0-100%)
    • the other 7 are on/off (0 or 100%)
  • Detection of Klingon MultiBall via the laser circuit; allowing the user to program completely different GI settings for all channels to enhance the laser during this mode. J7. In our opinion this feature is superior to the "blackout" mod available from other vendors.
  • Laser override circuitry to allow the user to simulate Klingon Multiball (IE laser motor+laser) for the purpose of designing unique lighting environments.
  • Drop-In compatible with our Laser upgrades which use the same Laser cable.
  • Includes a downloadable application for either Windows (USB) or Android (BLE). At this time due to Microsoft decisions; you cannot pair or bond the Dimmer to a Windows machine using BLE.

Android BLE compatibility requires Android 4.3 or better with appropriate Bluetooth 4.0 hardware. Please consult your phone manufacturer to determine if you have the appropriate hardware to connect with the nRF8001 chipset in our product.

If a USB wired connections are to be used; Pinball-Mods recommends a laptop or tablet running off battery to program the PWM setpoints. This is recommended to avoid ground loops between the pinball machines and the usb host. If you are going to use a machine powered by the wall outlet; make sure it's plugged into the same outlet as pinball machine. .

Prototype installed:
stern blackout mod

Short Demonstration video:


Disclaimer: Please download and verify that these applications will run on your desired Computing device before purchasing this product. Given the complexities of Android products; we cannot guaranty or warranty that the software will meet your needs or continue to do so.

Stern GI Dimmer Control software v0.9 - For Windows 7+
Stern GI Dimmer Control software v0.9 - For Android 4.3 or better. Installing w/o Google Play.

Setting Templates:

Default GI settings
Zitt's GI Settings

Detailed Step-By-Step installations Instructions and User's Guide.

Kit/Package Contents:

  • Stern Star Trek GI Dimmer PBA.
  • Laser Diode cable optional for those also buying our Lasers
  • two Standoffs
  • two #6x1.5" screws
  • 1 qty 0.156" 8pin IDC connector for J5.
  • 1 qty 0.156" 3pin header for Stern Board

Available Options:

Laser Cable:

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