Announce: Stern Star Trek Nebula Mod

We are pleased to announce the official launch and immediate availability of our Nebula Backbox lighting kit for the Stern Star Trek Pinball Machines. While the product has been available on our site for almost a month; we just completed our detailed step-by-step instructions to aid you in installing it in any Stern Star Trek Pinball machine – enabling us to make the product official with this announcement.

This kit comes with a set of three Printed circuit Board Assemblies (PBAs) which you snap apart and install behind the stock nebula plastics on a Pro, Premium, or Limited Edition pinball machine’s Back board. Like our Kelvin product; it is 100% compatible with the PWM circuitry on our GI Dimmer so the customer can dim or control the Nebula lighting for both Normal and Klingon MultiBall modes.

This kit is a Do-It-Yourself mod requiring assembly using the attached step-by-step instructions:
Stern Star Trek: Nebula Backboard Upgrade
and may take a couple of hours to complete.

Here’s the stock, unlit Nebula backboard on the Author’s machine:

Here’s the Nebula backboard with our DIY Nebula kit installed:
New Star Trek Nebula mod

For More information; please visit our online store’s product page for more detail and an order link:

2 Replies to “Announce: Stern Star Trek Nebula Mod”

  1. On Figure19 showing the LE GIO2 board, the connection is upside down compared to mine.
    Is this just a fluke or have you reconnected your GIO2 upside down?

    I have to be positive that mine is correct as there is a triangular clip that locks the connector into place and it is correct.
    I also checked the voltage before hooking up the nebula wires.
    Exactly like yours , but reversed.

    Also, the 2 wires to 94 should be about 8”. 4-6 is just to short. The access can be tuck behind 66.

    1. I don’t have my Nebula connected to GIO2 on the LE board. I use our PWM Dimmer and have is connected as step 17 in the instructions.

      As far as I know mine isn’t backwards; The picture in Figure 19 may be rotated 180 degrees from what’s in the game. Make sure it’s oriented the same way as in your game. I can’t check right now because my system is packed up from a Pinball Show and I just wrapped up Fed Income Tax. :S

      It wouldn’t matter how you have the nebula connected to GI02 as far as the nebula board is concerned. Our board has a full bridge rectifier on the board; so it would tolerate connections either way.

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