Custom Coin Mech Reject Art

Having been inspired by Tighe‘s KLOV post on Custom Coin Mech Reject Art – I decided to create some Coin Reject art for my Arcade machines; where applicable based upon his designs. This PDF is provided to you under the TAPR NCL License; which allows you to create and modify up to 10 copies in a 12 month period.

The following Machines are included in the PDF:

  • 1982 Sega Star Trek w/ HAPP CoinDoor (Vector Arcade)
  • 1991 Data East Star Trek: The 25th Anniversery (Pinball)
  • 1993 Williams Star Trek: The Next Generation (Pinball)
  • 2002 TeamPlay Star Trek Voyager (Raster Arcade)
  • 1999 Williams Revenge From Mars (Pinball 2000)

Download the PDF and print without page scaling to get the correct size:

For best results; Print to 8.5×11″ media on a color laser printer.
Tighe prints to standard paper while I experimenting with color laser transparency material.

Download: CoinReject Star Trek n RFM

Here’s an update to show before / after pics…

As an experiment; I decided to print mine to color laser transparency material I bought by the sheet from Fedex Kinkos. I laser printed it; then coated the back with some summer white plastic enamel I purchased at Lowes. Here’s the result after the white dried:

Here’s the RFM before:


STNG after:

Data East Star Trek: 25th after:

TeamPlay Star Trek: Voyager before:


I’m working on something special for my Sega Star Trek Captain’s Chair… so I’ll post pictures of the inserts when I have an update for my worklog.

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