Dell Latitude: Consumer Weakness

I’ve been eyeing the Dell Latitude 10 tablets for quiet some time. For those that don’t know; they are full PCs running a Dual Core (4 thread) Atom processor. Battery life is ~8hrs. While I really wanted to upgrade my Apple iPhone 4 to a Atom based cell phone like the Lenovo K900; I just don’t have 600 bucks lying around to experminet with (on the ATT network)… so I convinced myself the Dell tablet would be a good distraction for a while.

I bought a refurb unit from the Dell outlet for $360 shipped using a 30% off coupon. I went with the non-Esscential version because I wanted the pen digitizer AND the 64GB of solid state memory. The tablet arrived yesterday and so far; I like it. I’ve installed CorelDraw X6 for emergency use while at

Because this may be used as a CAD station if there are not spare systems available at… I think I want the pen interface; sadly the refurb unit did not come with a stylus. Research on the Interwebs led me to the following product:
Wacom Stylus for Windows Tablets

Why not buy direct from Dell? Well; honestly – they are running $40-$60 from their site… I want a cheaper alternative.

I also want a tablet cover… again Dell’s accessories seem to be on the expensive side so I’m going to try:
Poetic Slimbook Case for Dell Latitude 10 ST2 Window 8 Pro Tablet Black

Finally, I think I’m proably going to want a bluetooth keyboard for the tablet; as I hate long term typing on the screen. So:
Logitech Tablet BlueTooth Keyboard and Stand

Update 6/30/14: I’m pleased to report that all three work with the Dell Tablet. Keyboard paired with the tablet without issue and the pen worked out of the box. The case works fine as well; no complaints.

I also went ahead and ordered the K900 a few months ago. It’s now my daily phone; replacing the Apple iPhone4. Nice, thin, and speedy. App compatibility seems spot on. Haven’t installed an app yet from google play which did not work on the Intel(r) Atom(tm)-based phone.